Taking a leap…

I took a glance at my left wrist for the time, there was nothing. After all the time i spent ensuring i look debonair, I had forgotten to wear my wristwatch. Anyways, i continued into the bookshop i had heard so much about. Water-in-the-desert bookshop i heard had the best collection of comic books, novels, cards and whatever one could give as gift. As i stepped gracefully in my newly learned and enthusiastically practiced model steps through the front door, i realized just for a second, just for a tiny little second that i had never walked in there before and i couldn’t even remember what i came to the bookshop for.

“Don’t worry bro, just walk in and you just might find something nice to acquire”; my inner self advised.

Truly the bookshop lived up to my expectations. The hype i had gotten from Terfa and Edet wasn’t over emphasized. As i walked through well arranged columns of bookshelves, i caught sight of the elegant, colourful and fancy notebooks. That is it! I had thought to get jotters for my Pathology and Pharmacology class when i visit the bookshop i heard so much about. i picked a beautifully patterned notebook up and admired. it had a face, left half tiger, right half a chocolate skinned model on a navy blue background. As i soaked my self in admiration of such beautiful creativity bond over white pages i heard a voice by my side. i had hardly heard steps

“That is a beautiful notebook, i have one myself”.

I turned my gaze towards the female voice i heard by my side and my eyes met hers.

Do you know that song by Bruno Mars, ‘just the way you are’? Thank goodness. That is just the way she was.

“Homie stop being a pant and reply her observation”. my inner self queried.

“Naaaaaah! The book isn’t, you are. I am Abraham, and lucky to meet?”  I stretched my right hand towards her after transferring the book to my left.

She smiled. “My name is – i really cant remember her name but let’s call her – Blah”. she said with a smile receiving my hand.

“With people like you working here i might just buy a book everyday just so i can catch a glimpse at you”. I said

“ha ha ha. You are funny. You can start with this one”. She said pointing at the book i had forgotten i was holding

“lets see how it goes. How much does it cost”

“it only cost one thousand five hundred naira”

ehnnnn??? you be thief?? no be this same size of notebook i dey buy for main camp front for two hundred and fifty naira??  (hahaha! of course i didn’t say that. it was my inner voice). “What is the last price?”

“that’s the price. We don’t bargain here.”

“Oww. That’s nice. It’s actually worth it. i was just passing by and i thought to check this place out. I think i will return tomorrow as i really like this book.” I lied.

“No problem. Till you come back then.”

“it’s aite.” I smiled handing the book over to her and making my way to the exit.”Wuna go see me again. sannu!” i thought.


A few paces out the front gate i felt a vibrating buzz in the right front pocket of my black Armani plain trouser. I drew my phone out and saw the blue bird on my notification tab. i clicked on it to read my twitter mention

@abluckyi…check out toyinfabs.wordpress.com/boardingtales/…..it is awesome

I checked that blog later that day,  then followed, and never missed a post. I got inspired, opened my own wordpress page and never put up a post but i never stopped checking that blog. its close to two years since i started this blog and finally today as i watched “how i met your mother”, i told myself to procrastinate no more about putting up posts. i paused it, switched on the wireless on my android phone, connected my awesome personal computer to the network, clicked on my opera mini browser and logged on to my blog site –  abluckyi.wordpress.com.

I dedicate this first post of mine to Toyin Fabunmi through whose blog i fell in love with many other blog sites and to my bro Ogedengbe Olalekan who reminds me i’m not the only awesome person in my class.


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