How To Love (A)

Her heart pumped hard and fast, the wind blew into her heavy eyes – drops of tears flew in the air. She wouldn’t stop, yet no idea sprung in her mind where she was running to or in whose territory she now was in. She just kept running, running from what she just saw. How could he? Why would he choose to hurt her this way?
Her sight blurred out and she felt dizzy, the world spun and all went blank.
She opened her eyes to the sight of a beautiful blue sky. A bird glide in the sky. She kept her eyes fixed on it, watched it fly, she wished she could too; fly away from her sorrows, away from the tears and pain.
But she couldn’t. She had no wings. Even if she did, some things can’t just be left behind. Some sight can’t be forgotten. They just go with you, glued to every beat of your heart. She blinked her eyelids to let another tear drop but none did. She had cried all her tears out.
She tried to lift herself up but was hindered by a sharp pain. The picture of what had happened to her stretched in her imagination as though she watched it happen to someone else. Her left shoulder had borne the weight of her whole body. The pain she felt was like that from a thorn driven into left shoulder and dragged through to her lower ribs. She had run so far, so fast her limbs couldn’t take her any faster, any farther. She made to raise herself up again, it was futile, her limbs only shook, they had lost all strength. They had given up on her.

He smiled. A smile that longed for what he saw. A ram and ewe enjoying a meal together. That simple act made him long for the moment he’d find his special one. One he could share his life with too.
He thought he had found that sometime ago. The day he went to the gushing spring to get a drink with his best pal the pack’s favorite, but it was never to be as the favorite of all didn’t cease to get the favour of the beauty he saw that day. Who wouldn’t want the attention of the one with the longest and curviest horn of all in the pack? One with hump so large only he can carry?
He made to swallow the cud he just finished chewing then she sped by. The cloud of dust that accompanied her made him wonder if it was just one person that had passed. As the dust settled and his vision of her got better he saw it was her. The love of his life who had gotten bond with another. The one he was just thinking about.

His belly churned. He hadn’t had a decent prey in a long while. The heat had driven them all southwards and he hadn’t enough strength to trek too far away from his kingly cave in a quest for bigger meals. He longed for that but would rather manage little than trek in the heat. He picked up the bone left from his last prey and crushing it with his massive molars lifted his head to allow better passage for the pieces. As he lifted his head, he heard the sound of hooves. He turned his head to the direction of the sound and saw her approaching. He could sense she was tired and right in the process of his analysis he saw her fall. Was it his longing for a sumptuous meal that made his imagination go wild or was this real? He thought. He closed his eyes for a few seconds then opened them but she was still there.

Let’s continue our story How to love(B)


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