Bring Back Our Girls!!!

“Hey love! Come back home as soon as you are done with school, alright?”
All smiles, she replied; “Dad you know I will… If you come early to pick me.”
“See this babe oh, you want to blackmail me abi? It won’t work. I can sha fit resign from my work and come pick you if you wish”
“No oh! You are looking for an excuse not to get my birthday present. You can’t avoid it oh.”
“Ha! ha! ha!”. Looking towards the beautiful lady in pyjamas at the other end of the dinning table, he says; “Woman, tell your daughter to curb on her intelligence a little bit oh. Where did she get it from sef?”
She smiled and replied with a gird; “Ask me again.”
“You won’t kill in this house, Where did she get it from?”
“Don’t mind this man, mum. He’s looking for an ego boost”
“Ha! Ha! Ha! We all need that sometimes. I love you boo. Now hurry out, the school bus has waited a while”
“I love you both”. Aisha replied and scuffled off under the weight of her big barbie backpack.

Later in school, the teacher asks the pupil to write an essay on the topic “A day I will never forget”
Aisha smiled at the mention of the topic.
“Aah-ee, What’s making you smile?”
“It’s my birthday today, Ma, and I believe it’s going to be a day I’ll never forget”
“Really? I look forward to reading all about it in your essay then”
“Yes you will, Ma!”

Scribbling words on paper with all smiles Aisha wanders off in imaginations. The party hasn’t held yet, she hasn’t seen her cake neither has she gotten a single gift yet but she knew it was going to be an awesome day. She had heard her parents discuss the surprise party some nights before when she was thought asleep. She had woken up to ease herself and go back to sleep but was attracted to the discussion in the sitting room. Her dad had finally gotten the promotion he was expecting and he, at last, will be with her on her birthday, the first possible in four years. She didn’t get all the details but she knew her dad, both her parents were going to be together and that was all she needed for a birthday.
Lost in thought and smiles she was jolted out by the sudden pandemonium that arose in the classroom. She was pulled out of her seat by a class mate but didn’t have to be told what next to do. She lay flat on the floor like all in the class. The gunshots continued paradoxically for a few minutes. Her teacher on the floor, like everyone else in the class, asked them to occlude their ears with their fingers and pray… “It’s all going to be over”
Two masked men with guns walked into the class and ordered them to move out.
They didn’t hesitate, the knew better as the men looked neither like the police nor the military. They obviously had the looks, mischievous mean men. Bad men!!

In April 2014, over 250 girls were alleged abducted from
1). Federal government girls college, Chibok
2) Government girls college, Chibok
3) Various schools in Chibok
…depending on your source of information.
Some have allegedly escaped from the grasp of Boko haram and the location at which these girls are held known by the parents and the Federal Government yet, this Government- lauded to control one of the best foot soldiers in the world, soldiers led to various peace missions in war ridden nations in Africa with success and making over 80% of ECOMOG soldiers -are allegedly incapable of rescuing them.
News says the Federal Government is asking the parents of these girls to give pictures of their children, for recognition or what, when these girls are alleged to have registered for WAEC and resumed to write physics? Are they saying they didn’t submit their passport photographs when registering for WAEC?
It is said the Borno state government gave the parents of the missing children a million naira each, is that to keep them calm for as long as their children go missing or as compensation for their demise?
These and many questions keep arising from our minds. We need answers.

Thanks for the time spared to read this. I really appreciate.