Swimming in a sea of love and affection, turning whenever I wished, changing my position – like the times – I was always in motion. My movement though discomforting, gave the one who loved me more the assurance I was there. Assurance I hadn’t gone back.

I ate whenever I wanted, maybe not literally, but all I ever needed flowed into me, unceasingly. I bathed in provision, swam in abundance. Nothing I needed was away from me, literally, I swam in it.

I remember the hands, feeling for me periodically, checking to see if I was alright, doing all fine. I wanted to tell them I was, that they needed not worry, but I couldn’t, I knew not they worried, what was worry?

Then I got bigger, and heavier, and descended. My home wasn’t enough for me, I needed more provision. Then I felt the push, the contractions, I was going into a world where my survival was independent of hers.

I remember the tightening in my chest, the need to take something in. The churning of my abdomen, I needed to suck. So, I took a breathe, and opened my eyes. The lights, though beautiful scared me. I was in the world, I felt disconnected. Something was missing. So I cried. That was when I lost it – my innocence – the day I was born, I WORRIED.

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