Another Independence day… 

The “Hausas” have little to offer so they ensure rulership 

The “Igbos” like to climb people’s head so never again will they rule

The “Yorubas” just love to party so they follow the rulers

The “others” who may actually be more than half the nations population are generally categorised with the above three based on proximity 

Stereotypes always have some truths engrained but halve a fact and the Truth is lost. 
As a primary pupil, Independence day celebrations got me elated with a sense of pride in my nation

Today, I’m indifferent knowing wonderfully drafted speeches is one of the strengths of the Elected; trumped only by corruption and an insatiable quest for more power. 
As Nigeria reaches 57 today and live on past glory, I see no reason for celebrations

And No, I don’t have a panacea either

I just know what won’t help; 

Biafra, Arewa or Odudua Republic 

Our present “Federal Republic” won’t help either

Maybe, taking steps to enforce the resolutions of the 2014 National conference might help (you probably have forgotten about that) 

Same way I believe Nigeria would have been better if the 1966 Aburi conference resolutions were enforced. 
Now don’t get me wrong, neither of the resolutions in the 2 conferences were perfect; heck! Who needs 42 scrambled hen scratches called states with at best, 10 surviving long enough to be scrutinised? 

No, they weren’t

But enforcing a resolution from a conference with almost every tribe, organisation and creed in attendance will give real hope

Hope that we are men and women of honour who can always come together to find a common ground for development 
The Unity of Nigeria was lost after rescinding on the Aburi Conference

We didn’t learn from it but repeated the same action in 2014

There is now a call for “Restructuring” 

I probably don’t know what that word actually means

But my guts tell me it might help. 

I hope we can listen to that call

Or Nigeria may shatter into 99 friable pieces 

Me, you, someone or people you care about may lose their lives in that process 
Take a stand for Nigeria’s unity today

No freaking Independent day wishes or prayers 

The Genie is a myth, 

I haven’t come across a place in my Bible that imply miracles happen when actions aren’t in keeping with man’s prayer 

And we shouldn’t forget, seems religion is directly proportional to corruption these days

The present administration may be right on one thing after all