Thank You.

***He walks up the hill leading to his house head deep in thoughts, of the future, past, and worst still of the present. He thinks he is in a quagmire, having to depend on no sure possibility, or so he thinks. He’s been a believer in the unseen but situations has changed his perspective from that to believing only in things he can touch, feel or logically calculate. He hit his left foot on an outcrop approximately the size of his head and almost fell but somehow managed to regain his balance.

A few years ago He’d thought by now his ideas would have borne hundreds of thousands of naira but his bank account reads a hundred and sixty six naira twenty eight Kobos and though he expected his account to be debited of a hundred naira anytime soon for ATM charges, he has no hope of any crediting of his account***

Oh no! I am too ecstatic to continue that story right now. I will try to someday. Hehehe!!! Wuna too like gist.

 I have been in situations I wish I never was, and I have felt neglected and somewhat abandoned by a higher power-if anything like that ever existed (as my frustrated mind might try to make me contemplate in such moments). Sometimes I have thought myself deserving of being somewhere farther than currently am in, and I could prove that with all evidence to myself as dissatisfaction with my current situation made me feel but after counting the many wonderful blessings I have experienced, I say “THANK YOU LORD!”

Thank you lord for:

…all disappointments turned blessings.

…all embarrassments turned glory

…all setbacks I have faced (or so I thought) cos I know they have put me in the right position to fire forward

…my family and friends whom you have kept me encouraged through

…the ups and downs that have shaken and kept me awake and ever ready

…overall, Your unending love that I can always bank on.

I might not be where I thought I would be at this time but I am so sure I am where God wants me to be, and that is the best place I can ever be at any given time. I celebrate myself and see ahead with optimism. Faith.

I have gone through a lot and conquered only because God has always been by my side.

“In my blindness You bring me by ways I know not; You lead me in Paths I have not known: You make darkness light before me, and crooked things straight. These things you do unto me, and have not and never will forsake me,

Thank You Lord God for making me see yet another birthday…Yesterday March 28, 2014.

I know you’ll like to know how my blogging story started. Taking a leap how it all started