All Tied Up

It’s been ages people, that I know. Yet I haven’t cooked a regular so I present my excuse to buy more time. Thanks Abiola for the ginger. Please enjoy this piece “All Tied Up” and Thanks for sticking around.

All Tied Up

I Have no real idea how I got here or I wish not to say
I’m not sure I like all am in though Respect is found, they say

The dress code gives a smart look
No matter how lazy I get
The string around my neck
Does not slack but gives a pull

But i love being free
Am a peacock I need fly
Show my beauty to the world
Not only the confines of this town
Here hidden on it’s own

I love that I know what to tell
When people come in pain
Helping out is a thing of Joy
I love it. Yes I’m called

Yet deep down I know more need help
Than can afford come meet me
And in here I can’t help that much
My heart seeks greater Joy

It may take a while to stand
Spread my wings and fly out
I’ll stay, start with who comes
Even the Good book says faithfulness with few brings more
So I bow and help but someday I’ll be set free
Then I’ll fly and leave behind being all tied up

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It’s been a while since I last posted something here but am back now, and to stay. Enjoy this little piece I have for you-two kind of unrelated extra short piece I dare to call poems.


It feels good to own a new day
Yes I own it
Am alive so I own it
I care not what you think
I lift my arms in the air
bask in the warmth of the sun
I own it, yes I do
I will enjoy every tick

Why you may ask
I have no idea
Maybe I had a terrible dream
One I thought I couldn’t have woken up from
But I’m up at my task
I’m typing, yes I’m here
I haven’t been done in
I am alive – i am happy


Shhhhh!!! The lady said from behind
A brief moment of silence was observed
Soon it went on again
Shhhhh!!!! She said again
Can’t you leave people focus?

The guys weren’t just blabbing
They were in a serious discussion
Their exam was nigh and some needed to get it straight
The Ideas discussed in the massive psychology books

Shhhhh!!! It came again
I felt guilty yet disgusted
Perturbed by the constant shhhhhing I moved to her back
What was she up to making our discussion irrelevant?
Shhhhh, I told my friends
She’s reading “the Batman”

Will be back again soon, don’t forget to leave your comments

Thanks for the time spared to read this. I really appreciate.